This blog is my response to The Joy Dare by Ann Voskamp, author of the book "One Thousand Gifts". Every day (hopefully) I will be recording three things that bring me joy, three gifts from God, three things that I am grateful for.

Friday, December 21, 2012

December 21, 2012: Star Light, Star Bright

3 gifts lit: 
  • the Christmas tree, lit early this afternoon to dispel a dark, stormy day
  • the darkness, on the birthday of the world. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.  Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. Genesis 1:1-3
  • the star, lighting the way for the Magi to worship the newborn king

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