This blog is my response to The Joy Dare by Ann Voskamp, author of the book "One Thousand Gifts". Every day (hopefully) I will be recording three things that bring me joy, three gifts from God, three things that I am grateful for.

Monday, February 6, 2012

February 6, 2012: The Gift of Freedom

3 gifts found outside:
  • The American flag.  After watching the news on television last night, so much turmoil in the world, my attention was captured by the flag flying briskly in the wind today as I drove to work.  I am so grateful to live in a free country.  Sometimes I get disgusted by politics, but I certainly wouldn't want to live anywhere else!  Perspective is a gift too.
  • My car, freshly painted and looking (nearly) new again.  My husband spent Saturday afternoon fixing the rust on my car and it looks much better.  I don't much care about what kind of car I drive, but I will admit it was a little embarrassing to have ever growing rust spots.  
  • The lengthening daylight.  It was delightful to sit at the kitchen table tonight eating dinner, and not needing to close the blinds because of the darkness.  I love the fact that the days are growing noticeably longer because that means that spring is coming!

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